Location Tracking

  1. What is location tracking?
    Motion offers mobile device location tracking. It is a process of identifying the location of a mobile phone whether stationary or moving. Our solution includes collecting latitude and longitude coordinates from GPS satellites through the GPS chip present in the smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems. Along with the geographical coordinates we collect number of other data points - see 7. What data points do you collect? <link>
    The set of data as a whole is called a location update.

  2. How accurate is the location tracking by Motion?
    We’re able to track the location of a mobile device with up to 5 meters which is on par with the global standards. Important - the higher the accuracy, the longer waiting time

  3. What are the different location traffic modes you offer?
    We offer 4 types of location tracking - three default and one fully customisable. They differ based on the two factors: frequency and battery consumption. The higher the frequency, the higher is the battery consumption. Based on the use case, different location tracking modes are advised. The 4 types of location tracking are:


Battery usage

Updates every 

Optimised for/advised for 


7% - 10% 

25 ~ 250 meters 

Ride hailing/sharing


1% - 7% 

50 ~ 500 meters 

On demand services


0% - 1%

100 ~ 1000 meters 

Social apps


Depends on Frequency

Customisable from 1 ~ 2500 meters

5 meter intervals - navigation app

10 meter intervals - fitness app

To learn more about our location tracking modes read our blog post. <link>


4. What is always on location tracking?

Always-on location tracking allows you to track the location of your users at all times. It means you’ll be able to know the location, visited places, movement of your users regardless of the mobile app stage: foreground, background, suspended. Important! it is not possible to track the location unless the user gave their permission. Read our blog about location permissions for iOS and Android. <link>.

5. Can I track the location of a mobile device that is offline?

With our location tracking solution you can get access to the consistent location data of your users, even if they are offline or travelling through a remote location. The location data gets updated to the server as soon as the user is back online.


6. What is location spoofing? How can I prevent that?

Location spoofing is an interface (GPX file or a mobile app) that allows users to fake their mobile device location. It could be compared to a VPN, that hides users IP address and encrypts the data users send or receive. Our location tracking prevents location spoofing, making sure you always get consistent and real location data of your users.


7. What data points do you collect?

We collect the below data points. Altogether they constitute a location update that is 692 Bytes heavy.




Required by default 


Geographic coordinate north-south



Geographic coordinate west-east 



Direction heading in relation to north



Speed in kilometers per hour (only in motion)

5 km/h


Height above the sea level in meters

10 m

Horizontal accuracy

Horizontal accuracy of the coordinates


Vertical accuracy

Vertical accuracy of the coordinates 



Is the user moving or did they stop? 



Location recorded at timestamp in UTC



Location recorded at timezone 

Enabled by default

User ID

Unique user ID



Unique object ID 


App ID

Project ID


App context 

Application state 


GPS status

Is GPS tracking enabled?


Tracking mode

Tracking mode that the location was collected at


Location permission

Is location permission enabled? 


Network status 

Is internet connection enabled?


Disabled by default 

Remaining battery 

Remaining battery in percentage


Battery saver 

Is battery saver mode enabled?


Battery status

Is battery charging? 


OS version 

Current version of operating system

iOS 13.4

Device manufacturer 

Device manufacturer name 


Device model 

Mobile device model

iPhone XS Max


8. What is the data flow of a location update?

Depending on the intended data flow of a location update, we distinguish 4 situations:

  • Location tracker - the location update is collected by the GPS via Motion SDK and stored locally in the mobile device.

  • Location publisher - the location update is sent from the mobile device to the backend server and stored in the data base.

  • Location listener - the location update returns from the data base through server to a mobile device where it came from or other device.

  • Location processor - the location update stored in the database is processed according to the respective API call.

Click here <link> to learn more about the prices for location tracking, publishing, listening and processing.